Fabrizio Fabris 

Associate Architect and Director


Paola Ferracin

Associate Architect 


Giancarlo Moro

Associate Architect 

Company's Objectives

FABRIS & PARTNERS  is a professional association of architects in charge of architecture , design and technical consultancy in the different sectors of the building industry , from design , to interior decoration up to all the different systems of technical installations and plant.

The skills and activities of the company include:

  • Design Study
  • Executive study
  • Coordination of integrated projects
  • Technical assistance
  • Construction supervision


FABRIS & PARTNERS offers a  technical and professional experience developed through projects of great importance, size and complexity - hotels , convention and conference centers, offices , residences - realized in Europe, Algeria, United Arab Emirates and China.

Associates and members of the firm have different personal, professional and technical formations which allow the team to develop and acquire the latest and sophisticated technology with the common objective of achieving high-quality results.


FABRIS&PARTNERS is the main study that coordinates the work of several teams of professionals .

The headquarters of the firm has a large office located in Latisana - Italia.

From fifteen years the firm FABRIS & PARTNERS works coordinating, under its own responsibility, several professional teams specialized in civil engineering, electrical systems , mechanical systems and fire safety facilities, that follow the project step by step during all it phases.


The complete group consists of architects, engineers and skilled technicians .

All teams have at their disposal all necessary software to run reports, computer drawings (CAD), calculation notes and graphical representation (render) . 


As regards the phase of the construction supervision FABRIS & PARTNERS has its internal organization for each site with the purpose of giving permanent assistance during all the phases of the construction.

For each work under construction it is prepared a special team consisting of architects and engineers that can integrate architecture, structural aspect, mechanical and electrical systems .

All this with the ultimate goal to give the customer the best result.

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