East Shore Village Hohhot
Inner Mongolia, China
5 ***** Clubhouse & Welness

Interior design.


Site supervision.

Located in the new luxury district of the “blue city”, this VIP club is designed to serve as a sales pavilion of the development. The maximum flexibility of the spaces was the principle according to which the entire interior design project was developed and followed on site by FABRIS&PARTNERS team. The structure’s aim was to immerse the Real Estate customers into the ideal world which they find inside the neighborhood, the tradition of the “luxury homes”. With its lavish settings, the club is able to host activities related to the world of banquets, meetings and conferences as well as leisure and relaxation activities. An environment where luxury, high quality, exclusive services and real estate embody the lifestyle of the new upper class.

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62.000 m²


5 ***** Luxury 

Inner swimming pool






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